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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Walkthrough Tutorial

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Riddick wakes up on a beach. This map will teach you the basics.

Go to your left from the beach and you will find a door. The red light indicates that it's closed. A green light will indicate that it's open.

To your right you will find a drain. Crouch (default: C) and move through there.

You can activate Riddick's eyeshine (default: Q) to see in the dark. You will know it's on by the purple glow.

Once you pass the drain you will see an injured man. You can talk to any nonhostile characters (default 'use' key: E).

Get up the ladder that's next to the man.

You will find collectible cards around the game. They have no impact on the story progression.

To your right you will see your first enemy. Try to hit him (default: left mouse) as he attempts to punch you. Use block when needed (default: right mouse).

Jump on this crate and then jump up (default: space).

Riddick can hold onto ledges. Move to your left and climb up.

Next you will see a ledge going down. You can knock out enemies by landing on top of them. Try to jump on this guy's head.

When you are crouched you can drag bodies to hide them.

Inside an area engulfed in shadow you will go in stealth mode when crouched. When the screen has a blue glow you will know you are using stealth. Go behind the next enemy to knock him out silently.

You can use the guns of these drones if you need to.

If you find yourself facing an enemy you will have to time your attack when he tries to hit you first. Otherwise you cannot kill him while you are unarmed.

You will sometimes find nanomed cartridges. Always pick them up.

You can use those cartridges to refill a nanomed station.

Once a station is full you will see 4 green lights on it. Those lights indicate how many health blocks you can use before the station runs out of 'juice'.

Continue up the ladder next to the nanomed station.

Try to sneak up on the next enemy.

At the end of the alley you will see some guards at an outside area. Use stealth or direct attack.

Once you kill them, one more guard will come out of the door on the left. Deal with him and get inside there.

Inside you will find a strangely long corridor. Walk forward to conclude the tutorial.