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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Facility Control

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Go to the corridor on the right.

A few bots will attack you by opening a vent hatch. Destroy them and jump down from where they came from.

Make your way through the flashy corridor and club a few bots.

Climb up the hatch at the end.

Kill a few guards and get their pistols. Then jump down yet another hatch.

Exit the last hatch and climb up the stairs.

Shoot the guards by the computers and open the container doors.

Get back to the flashy passages underground. You will have to backtrack all the way to the first corridor you came from before.

The other side of that corridor is guarded. Use your surprisingly effective pistol to clear the way.

Move past the 'sleeping' bots.

At the end of the maintenance room you will find a Heavyguard. Jump inside.

Time to destroy everything that stands in your way. Left mouse for minigun, right mouse for rockets. Go to your right when you clean this place.

A big mech will pop behind the doors with breakable glass. Use your rockets on him.

Get inside the lift and wait.