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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Loading Docks

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Beware the turrets that move across the cable above you. Shoot them down if you must but continue moving to your left because they will never stop coming.

Press the red button to open the elevator doors.

Wait until the elevator arrives at the second floor.

Walk down a long corridor.

Press a red button and get inside another elevator. This time wait for it to go down.

Get on the big transport lift.

Use the red button and wait for the lift to ascend. Beware the mech that is waiting for you on the top floor.

Exit the loading area through a door on the left.

Continue going left and kill the guards that stand in your way.

You will arrive at another loading area. Kill the guards and use the cargo lift just like before.

After a long ascend another mech will greet you on top. Use the bars of the lift to hide and destroy the mech with grenades.

The mech will drop a minigun. You can pick it up and kill your enemies with ease. Only your movement speed will suffer.

Enter a door on the left.

Drop the minigun so you can press the red button to open the gates that will lead you to the next level.

Before you proceed to the next area don't forget to pick up your minigun again, it will be useful later.