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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Abandoned Equipment Center

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Grab the shotgun and keep moving forward. This map is filled with aliens so you have to move fast.

When you reach a dead end approach the wall in front. Use the rock formation on the left to reach a higher point.

Climb up the wall from here.

Get another shotgun and climb up the boxes.

Jump down here and go to your left.

Climb up a vent after the corridor trek. You can get the vent-tool from the box that is right next to the vent.

Use the service panel to turn on the lights.

Move through the vent passage that is next to the panel.

You will find a big drilling machine. You need to find a power cell to activate it.

Go through the door on the right.

You will end up outside. Get the special key from the concrete block.

Look up and climb the hangrail.

Get across the chasm.

Press the red button to open the door.

You will end up outside again. Climb up the wall like before.

Jump down to the place with the security gate sign again but go right this time.

Use the special key you found before on the old mechanical lock.

Get inside the room with halfway closed door.

Use the service panel to turn on the lights.

Move to the other side of the corridor.

You will find a room on the left.

Get the power cell from the floor in that room.

The alien attacks will intensify now. Run back to the room with the service panel.

Recharge your power cell inside that room.

Same as before go in the opposite direction of the security gate arrow.

Use the same vent as before.

You are ready to use the power cell on the machine.

Activate the machine and wait for it to crash through the gate.

Walk through the destroyed gate and get under another gate on the right.

Climb up a vent to exit this area.