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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Container Router

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The guards have stopped the container Riddick was riding. Jump over the barrier to your right.

Climb down the ladder.

Kill a guard waiting for you downstairs and climb up the ladder behind him.

Sneak behind one more guard and then climb up the ladder on the left.

Get through the vent.

Drop behind a guard and kill him.

Use the keypad and proceed.

Get up another nearby ladder.

Move through the vent to get on the other side of control station.

Continue forward. If the alarm is triggered for any reason you can turn it off by pressing one of the red buttons.

Use the rail-track computer. You will find it tucked away near a corridor with a red sign 'Control Station A'.

Backtrack a bit and use a keypad.

That will open a door to the outside area where you climbed the ladder originally. Move forward and open the gate in front of you with another keypad.

Deal with a few guards on your way inside.

You will arrive at a crossroad of sorts with a red sign 'Control Station B'. There are two places you need to visit here. First move through the big gate in front of you.

After dealing with a few more guards you will use a keypad that will open a gate to a dark area outside.

Kill two more guards and jump to your left where the container path is.

Get down the place that says 'backup generator'.

Pull the power switch. Then backtrack up to the crossroad with the red sign 'Control Station A'.

You can use your eyeshine to spot alarm tripwire.

When you get back to the crossroad go to the small corridor that will be on your right when you exit the gate.

Just around corner you will find a computer. Use it to activate the generator. Afterwards go back to the place where you found the backup generator.

The containers have started moving through here. Wait for one to come and then jump on it as it starts to go down the shaft.

After a very short ride down, the guards will stop the container. Jump down to your right and get inside the vent.

The vent will lead you to the Mining Core.

You will drop in the mining core very near the place where you found Jagger Valance. Go there again and you will see someone else. Graham will tell you to go to the cave where you originally found the package for Valance.

When you enter the cave filled with gas a cutscene will play. Riddick sets up the bomb.

As you exit the gas room another cutscene will play. Riddick surrenders to the guards.