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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Mining core

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Next area is guarded by a mech. You will have to stealth your way in.

Go behind the forklift and use the service panel.

Proceed down the corridor and prepare to use your tranq gun on some guards.

After you kill the second guard and exit the corridor turn to your right and go behind the big container.

There you will find Jagger Valance. Talk to him. He will help you escape but first he wants you to bring him a package.

Continue to walk to the right behind the containers.

Get up this path.

Then go through the door on the right.

Use the code Valance gave you on this keypad.

Crouch under the sign to get inside the room.

Get up the boxes in front of you and go to the next area. The passage might be a bit hard to see so use your eyeshine.

Get Jagger's package from a cave-like area filled with gas.

Get back to Jagger and talk to him. He wants you to go to Tower 19 to get a bomb. To reach Tower 19 you will have to go back to Work Pass.

To get back to Work Pass faster you can use a few shortcuts that aren't as deadly as using the way you came before. Use the cargo lift that is near the area with forklift guarded by the mech.

Keep going through the passage on the right. Use tranq gun at any guards that remain.

Go to your right around some boxes.

A guard will come out. Use the tranq gun to stun him and then kill him with your melee hit. Afterwards get inside the door behind him.

On the second floor you will get ambushed by three prisoners. Kill them and go to the left corridor.

Use the keypad to reach the cargo transport.

Get on top of a moving platform to ascend to floor 3.

Then go to the mine entrance.

Use a vent hatch.

Climb a ladder inside the vent.

When you exit the first vent you will be above the mine entrance. Jump to the lower vents.

Then turn behind you and look down. Jump inside the lower vent.

Follow the vent to the right. Don't use the grating.

Halfway through the vent you will reach a vent hatch. Use it.

You will end up in the elevator shaft. Jump down the elevator and use it.

You arrive at the work pass. Go to your right and get on a box.

Climb up the wall but be careful not to fall in front of the mech.

Look up and climb the hangrail. Use it to get over the mech.

Go inside the power central room again.

Inside you will find a room with a sign 'feed ward emergency ventilation'. Use the keypad to get in.

Use the vent hatch.

The vent will lead you to a fan. Go through the vent on the left next.