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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Tower 17

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Get out of your container and go right.

Go inside the elevator.

When you get outside the elevator talk to Rael.

Next get down the stairs to reach the main yards.

Talk to Dogbone, he will give you some good advice.

Afterwards talk to Centurion. A fun way to complete this map is to get into arena fights. Once you defeat enough opponents you will fight one of the prison guards. That will get the attention of Abbott.

Talk to Harman near the recreation area gate. He will be your first opponent in the arena.

Talk to Centurion to start the fight.

While you are in a fight you must not get outside the bounds of the yellow circle.

Keep getting fights from Centurion until you defeat every opponent.

This map has some side jobs you can complete if you are in need of some money or some other items. Explore the area and talk to everyone if you wish to get the most out of it.

Go to the recreation area to find your next arena opponent.

Talk to Baasim to get another fight.

After you defeat Baasim go to the feed ward to challenge your next opponent.

Talk to Sawtooth to challenge him.

Before you leave the feed ward talk to Monster. He can trade you some items, including a vent-tool for 15 UD money.

When you defeat Sawtooth go to the recreation area and talk to Cusa to challenge him.

Defeat Cusa and talk to Centurion again to get you into the last fight. Your last opponent is Bam the prison guard.

The guards will detain you after you kill Bam.