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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Pope Joe's Den

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Pope Joe will take you to his hideout.

When you reach his place talk to him.

Joe wants you to get for him a 'voicebox'.

Get some flares from his place if you need them.

Then return to the dwellers' sewer with the lift you used before.

Follow the corridor with the yellow toxic waste containers.

Kill some mutants and continue forward. An explosion will blow a hole in a wall that will guide you.

You will find Joe's voicebox in the next corridor just after the destroyed wall. Backtrack to where you came from and use the lift again to get to Joe's place.

Joe will heal Riddick's wounded arm. Riddick will acquire his eyeshine ability as well.

Use your eyeshine (default: Q) to see in the dark. Keep going through the corridor and fight off the dwellers.

At the end you will see a ladder. Climb it to end the map.