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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Mainframe

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You will find yourself looking over the DNA reader room. Tyr to jump down on the boxes to your right first.

After you kill the technician use the DNA sampler to add Riddick's DNA to the prison databank. This will allow you to use any weapons you find from the guards.

Get the assault rifle in the room and wait for the guards to come.

Go through the door the guards opened.

When you approach this door the guards will throw a grenade at you. Try to run away.

The grenade will destroy part of the wall. Remove some of the debris to pass.

In the next area find the controls to the fan above near some boxes. Use them to turn off the fan.

Climb up the boxes.

And pass under the stopped fan.

You will drop down behind a guard. Kill him and proceed forward down the corridor.

After you kill some more guards go to your left in a big storage hall to find a service hatch.

Turn the valve to stop the gas.

Another explosion blows a hole in a wall. Pass through there.

You will reach an area with a small lift. Kill the guards there and wait for a mech to attack you.

If you climb up some boxes you can reach a platform that will give you a place to hide from the mech.

To be able to use the lift you will have to destroy the mech. You need to sneak behind it and shoot it in the back Shooting the front of the mech is a waste of ammo.

Once you destroy the mech use the lift.