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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Aquila Territory

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Kill the two prisoners standing in your way and get their weapons.

In the cell next to where you fought the two guys you can find a nanomed station.

Continue down the corridor and kill two more prisoners.

In the next corridor they will try to ambush you with a gas can. Try to avoid it and kill the next opponents.

At the end you will face Rust. He can be a tough fight. Try to hit him fast and don't allow him to retaliate.

When you kill Rust a cutscene plays.

Afterwards go to the Pit and talk to Haley. He will tell you that the guard at the infirmary owes him money. You can pass through there now.

Backtrack to your cell block, go past your own cell and go to the end of the corridor that is blocked by a gate. Talk to Bulder, the guard there.

He will let you pass to the infirmary.