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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Escape

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Watch the intro. Riddick and Johns arrive at the Butcher Bay prison.

Talk to Johns.

Move behind Johns and press the attack button (default: left mouse) to kill him.

Then turn around and jump down the hatch the other prisoner opens for you.

Climb down a ladder.

Next you will have to fight a mechanic. Kill him and get his security card.

Use his card on the keypad near you.

When you enter a dark area you can crouch to enter stealth mode (default: C). Wait for the guard to come close and then sneak behind him to kill him fast.

You can drag his body in the dark to hide it (default: E). Grab the vent tool off the guard's corpse.

In the next room, climb over the boxes with lights.

When you are on top of the boxes look up to climb the hangrail.

When you cross to the other side, use the vent tool to open the vent hatch.

In the next room you will find a nanomed cartridge on the floor. Pick it up.

You can use the cartridge to refill a med station such as this one (default: E). When the four blocks are green it means you can refill that many health points before it gets depleted.

Sneak behind the guard in the next room to get his shotgun. If you are facing him, you have to time your attack as he tries to hit you, to counter-kill him.

Climb on top of the boxes next to the table.

Then grab the ledge and go to your right until you can climb on the other side.

Use the elevator to go up.

Hide in the shadows and kill the next guard to get his shotgun ammo.

Then climb down the stairs that lead to the sewers.

When you go to your right you will see a hatch with a padlock. Shoot the padlock with your shotgun to open it.

The next corridors are patrolled by some guards. Use stealth to sneak behind them if you can. They use flashlights so if things get complicated just use your shotgun.

After you kill a few more guards up the corridors you will see a shining light at the end. Walk towards it to end the map.