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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Prison Yard

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Get out of your cell and talk to Barber.

He tells you that some guy named Mattsson wants to speak to you in the Pit yard. To go there follow the corridor on your right.

Go past two prisoners talking.

And you will arrive at the Pit.

Talk to Mattsson. He tells you that he will give you a shiv. You have to go to his cell to get it.

Backtrack to where you came from. Go to your right when you exit the corridor that comes after the two prisoners talking. Then enter cell A 40.

It's an ambush. Kill the two prisoners that attack you. Then get back to the Pit and talk to Mattsson again.

Mattsson wants to set things straight. He says he will give you a shiv when you return to your cell.

Backtrack to your cell, number A 34.

When you enter your cell a cutscene plays. You have to find a shiv some other way.

Barber tells you that Rust is waiting for you in Aquila's block.

To find Aquila's block go to the Pit then enter the next corridor that has a sign Cell Block A 11-30.