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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Work Pass

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Abbott tries to rough Riddick up but gets a surprise.

When the cutscene ends Abbott will attack you. After you kill him get his card. It will give you access to some previously unaccessible areas.

Use Abbott's card to get outside.

Now you can go to the mines. To get there you must go through the work pass. Go to the recreation area first.

At the end of the recreation area you will find a gate with two signs that will lead you to the work pass.

As you enter the work pass immediately turn right and you will see a door with a power central sign. Use Abbott's card on the keypad there.

The power central has some guards. Use your eyeshine if it's too dark to see and kill them.

Find a grating in the room and go inside a vent through there.

Climb a ladder inside the vent.

You will end up on top of an elevator. Take a ride down to the mines.