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The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Walkthrough Road to Tower 19.

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When you exit the vent keep going forward.

Climb a ladder and sneak behind a guard.

Go through the door on the left.

You will arrive in a mech maintenance room. Go to the right and jump over the railing.

Go through the passage.

Climb a small ladder and you will be inside the room where the mech is kept.

Get inside the mech and shoot the glass to escape.

Guards will start swarming you. Move through the doors with green light.

Follow the corridor that goes to the right and is filled with mechs. You can stun the mechs in place by shooting them constantly.

Get inside the big gate with E-12 sign.

In the next area the guards will turn off the power. Use your eyeshine to spot any enemies and kill them all.

After you kill the guards, exit the mech. Start climbing the boxes until you reach the top.

When you reach the top of the boxes look up to climb the hangrail.

Go to your right and you will spot a small entrance, behind a few boxes, guarded by one guy.

Get inside there and use the red button to turn on the generator.

Afterwards, jump back inside your mech fast because you will be attacked by an enemy mech.

Move through sector E-13 and go to your right.

Pass through the E-14 gates.

The E-15 gates will be closed so turn to your left to find a door with green light.

You will encounter a pair of flamingos. They are tougher than a normal mech.

Kill the guards that are shooting you from above in this hall.

Then exit the mech and climb up the boxes.

Climb the hangrail to go to the other side.

Go to your left and use the vent hatch.

Jump down from the vent.

Continue through the next vent.

Use the vent hatch and you will find yourself somewhere above the feed ward.

When you drop down you will be behind a guard. Sneak after him and then continue through the door on the right. Don't stay in this area for too long because the mounted on wall turrets will kill you.

As you enter the next door you will see 'tower 19' written on the wall and an arrow pointing left. Follow these signs whenever you see them.

A few guards will be in your way. Pass another fenced area and you will see the next sign.

Use a vent hatch that is left of a 'tower 19' arrow sign.