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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Dragons, then Hrothgar.

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Irileth will lead your party out to the Watchtower where your first dragon will attack. If your health gets too low, then use your Bow and let the others tank the dragon. Irileth especially will absolutely murder it.

After the Dragon is dead, you'll absorb its power and then be able to loot it. The soldiers will then ask you to shout at them (crazy, right?). Press P to go into the Powers menu and equip Unrelenting Force, then press Z on the soldiers.

Head back to Dragonsreach (you can fasttravel with Tab and heading to the map, by the way.) and talk to the Jarl. He'll basically lick your genitals and proclaim you the next Dragonborn and tell you to go to some bearded dudes on a mountain.

He'll also give you a nifty enchanted axe.

Once you turn tail and try to exit Dragonsreach you'll be harassed by some fool in steel armor. Actually, it's a potential companion which you can use to follow you. If you're trying to be stealthy, don't get companions, they'll ruin stealth.

When the Jarl tells you to head to bearded dudes on top of a mountain, he's actually leading you to the other goddamn side of the tallest mountain in the world. Prepare for a hefty walk to Ivarstead, some hillbilly town on the other side of Everest.

Once you make it to Ivarstead, start climbing the mountain steps. There won't be much wildlife save for the common goat and wolf (both easily killed in a single hit) however about halfway to the top you'll be meeted by a Frost Troll.

I honestly recommend you use Unrelenting Force and run past, because this thing will most likely kill you in a swipe if you're low level. If you've done a lot of side quests, by all means, go for it.

Up at the Greybeards they'll ask you to shout at them (weird, right?) and then they'll write on the ground and teach you more words of the Unrelenting Force shout.

Just look at the words to learn it.

They'll then conjure spectres and ask you to shout at them with Unrelenting Force. Hold down Z to use the new words they gave you.

You'll be led outside and given a tiny puzzle, just use Whirlwind Sprint (they'll teach the word to you) to go through the door when they open it.

After successfully proving that you CAN use a shout, they'll tell you to go find some pointless item in a dungeon in the middle of nowhere (Ustengrav). I recommend you gather the money to buy a horse by selling all your enchanted items. A horse costs 1000 gold.