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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Whiterun (or more specifically Dragonsreach)

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Tell the Jarl what happened and he'll give you an item as a reward and point you out to his Mage to the right of his throne, who'll give you a quest to head to Bleak Falls Barrow to get something.

From Whiterun, follow the quest tracker where randomly generated enemies will hinder your path, but Bandits will be at the Barrow for sure.

Head inside, getting into stealth and drawing your bow to pick off bandits.

Keep heading deeper in to the dungeon, where you'll be shown a 'puzzle' oriented for three year olds. The hints are somewhere, but the actual combination is Snake, Snake, Chicken.

Press the lever and the door will open, and then read the book on the table past the door for a free skillpoint. Then, head down the stairwell where you'll be hindered by rats.

Move forward, some webs will hinder your path, strike them away with Mouse 1 and get ready for a spider fight.

The poison, which is the Spider's first attack, will take off huge amounts of HP so heal up with a potion. Smack away at it, using spells or weapons to kill it.

Free the man from his webs, then kill him and loot his Golden Claw from him, then continue.

As you progress, zombies will rise from their graves to hinder you, but they're not that strong. Beware of their traps which will instantly kill you if you trigger them. Steer clear of that smooth stepping stone or you'll die.

You can also Sneak attack them from their grave, look for the not-so-mummified corpses "sleeping".

Keep going, draugrs will continue to hinder you, then quickly run past a guillotine trap. Don't bother going one at a time or you'll be smacked to hell.

Go go go, Draugrs will step out of graves to try to get you, kill them, then pull this chain to open the door and progress into a cavern where some more draugrs will wait.

At the entrance to the Temple, a lone Restless Draugr will be here. He does a LOT of damage, so I recommend caution.

Head forward, this is the last room where Draugrs will attack you in droves, so beware.

Then you'll find yourself at a locked door, the combintaion is Bear-butterfly-owl, then press E on it to put in the Golden Claw.

Head forward into the clearing and put your face on that glowing blue word wall, then open the chest to the left to start a boss fight.

As you turn around, the boss Draugr will awake. Don't give him time to get up, smack him as he's vulnerable as his enchanted weapon can kill you.

Once he's dead, loot him for the Dragonstone (your objective) and his enchanted sword for $$$. Then get out of there and press the Handle to open the rock wall and head back to Whiterun.

Return back to Dragonsreach and talk to Farengar, who'll give you a speech then tell you to head to the Jarl.

Jarl Balgruuf may not be sitting on his throne, instead upstairs talking with his advisor. If he is, go up there and wait till Irileth and her company arrives and speaks to him.

Jarl Balgruuf will then talk to you and give you a reward, and then ask you to kill a dragon.

Head outside and stop right at the Whiterun Gate where all the guards are. Wait till Irileth arrives and gives her speech, then you can wait until she's done and they start moving or you can head yourself to the Western Watchtower by following the quest marker.