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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Ustengrav

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A lot of mages will be fighting some bandits as soon as you open the door and can prove difficult if you're a high level as they'll rank up to as high as Master and throw some SERIOUSLY deadly spells at you.

Head down, fighting Draugrs and Mages all the way.

More Draugrs!

Head to the Depths for a fun puzzle and mooooore draugrs.

Resist the urge to jump down as Skyrim's fall-damage calculations are horrifically broken and falling 8 feet can make you lose half your HP.

Instead, follow the path to some more draugr love.

Move down to the platform, being wary of Skeletons that shoot arrows.

To get past this annoying puzzle, quickly run past all 3 obelisks then cast Whirlwind Sprint DIRECTLY at the door. Don't be afraid of not going in all the way, you'll smack an invisible wall if you did it wrong and be sent back.

If you're not stopped at the first gate, you won't be stopped at all. Don't be afraid.

Whirlwind Sprint past the fire traps as well, be wary of spiders!

Be REALLY careful with the giant one, as the first poisoned hit can drain half your hp easy. I recommend staying the F back.

After swinging away at a web-wall you can head forward to the portcullis. Open it with the chain.

At the end of the hallway you'll be left with a note instead of your quest item.

After you stop reading, head outside Ustengrav ( a secret passage will lead you back to the entrance ) and to Riverwood to complete the quest.

In the Sleeping Giant Inn (riverwood) you'll be given the option to rent the attic room to Delphine. Pay the ten gold (if you DON'T have ten gold I don't know what to say.) and wait in the room till she comes.

Delphine will hand you the horn (you can go to the Greybeards later) and gear up in a secret room, then ask you to kill a dragon. You can either follow her to Kynesgrove or head there yourself.