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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Walkthrough Skyrim Beginning

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After the very long introductory cutscene and creating your character, a Dragon will attack, quickly run into the tower.

Head up the stairwell, careful not to run into the fire breath.

Jump down once the dragon leaves.

Wait till the dragon leaves after you leave that house you jumped into.

Keep moving, ignoring all the dying soldiers.

You'll be met with the option to either side with Ralof or Hadvar. It honestly has no serious repercussions, so make your pick. In this guide, I went with Ralof.

Wait till Ralof (or Hadvar) stops talking and go to him to let him cut off your binds. Loot the corpse in here for some starter armor.

The Imperials (or stormcloaks) will catch up and give battle. The combat system in Skyrim is tailored for 5 year olds, so just hold down Mouse 1 till people die.

Sometimes if you're lucky you'll do a Deathblow on an enemy which is just a glorified cutscene of you completely murdering them. Remember to loot the Imperial Officer for the key to the gate and some heavy armor if you want it.

You can also duel wield weapons as the Dragonborn is ambidextrous.

Once you have the key, open the gate to continue.

Keep following Ralof/Hadvar till you happen upon this room. Slaughter the inhabitants then loot the barrels for some potions which you can use in combat to heal yourself. (the red tint is Orc Berserker Rage)

Ralof/Hadvar will guide you down till you meet the Torturer's Chamber. If you followed Hadvar they'd be friendly, but now they're not, so murder them!

Loot the surroundings for some Lockpicks, then head to the middle jail cell to begin Lockpicking it. To lockpick, simply turn the pick with your mouse whilst pressing W to rotate the lock it. If it stops, turn the pick elsewhere.

Once the lock makes a full 90 degree angle, it'll open and its contents ( Mage gear and spells) are yours.

Ralof will further guide you into this room filled with nasty enemies. Kill them and desecrate their corpses by taking their gear. You may especially want to take these Bows from the archers, as marksmanship does buttloads of damage in Skyrim.

As you kill enemies with weapons/be hit wearing specific Armor/use spells/craft items you'll notice your Skills go up till you can Level up. Once you Level Up you can choose a Perk (preferably the one you're skilling up in) and increase your health stamina or mana by 10.

Ralof will guide you, then press the lever to lower the drawbridge to progress.

Stop and press Shift to stealth at this cavern opening, and take out your bow. Press mouse1 to nock an arrow and then release the button to shoot. The arrow flies in a light arc.

If you successfully land a strike in Stealth you'll get a nifty Stealth attack bonus. If you decide to skill up in Sneak you can get bonuses up to 30.0x damage which will kill basically anything. Continue picking off the hapless spiders who don't know where you are.

Boom, Headshot!

Ralof will then guide you further after the Spiders to a bear's den. Simply repeat what you did to the spiders, this time it'll take two arrows for this guy.

Proceed further and exit the cavern via the blue crack into Skyrim.