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The Wheelman Walkthrough Mission 22: The Rescue

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Lumi and Javier are trapped at church, you need to rescue them.

You need to fight your way to get inside the church.

Kill all the enemies hiding back of the statues.

Make your way through the entrance by killing all the enemies present there.

You speak with lumi and javier.

Paulo attacks you, and inorder to save yourselves you need to kill the enemies present there and get inside the van.

Jump out of the stained glass to get out of the church.

The buyer is at the political rallly, and you need to get there.

You need to drive to the location shown on the map as soon as possible.

Park the van at the marked spot.

Now you need to get to the buyer's car as sson as possible.

You can use bike to get to the location on the map.

Then you need to airjack into the buyer's car.

Here is the airjack into the buyer's car.

Now you need to take the limo back to the rally.

You get inside the gates with the help of the limo.

Park the limo at the marked place.

Now you need to exit the rally area.

Once you got the briefcase you need to get back to lumi in security van.

You need to airjack into lumi's car.

Now that you have got into the van you need to lose the police.

Then you need to lure cops to javier surprise at the location shown on the map.

Now you have to take the police past the car bombs to destroy them.

You can see the car bombs in van shown on the map.

Now you need to get to the car park without wanted level.

Park the van at the marked spot shown on the map.

You drive inside the car park.

You are ambushed by enemies.

Now you need to get after them and retrieve the case.

You need to chase after the van but need not attack it.

Then you lead the van to the location shown on the map.

The van is attacked by lumi and javier.

Now after retrieving the case you need to take lumi to drop off point shown on the map.

Park the car at the marked position.

Mission is accomplished.