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To the Moon Walkthrough Interference

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Extremely long talking ahead. Once you regain control you'll be asked to align the mementos from each of Johnny's memories so that you can register his wish to go to the moon.

This is really easy to do, basically you have to line up the mementos so that the same memento is on the same side of the plate. I would recommend you start from the earliest memories.

You need to interact with Johnny to move the mementos around. Place the clock on the lower right side of the earliest memory, then work your way around the other memories.

Once you've finished the puzzle, talk to the oldest version of Johnny to register his desire and wait for the big reveal.

After returning to the most recent memories, head back to the cliff overlooking the lighthouse and find out that nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing.

You'll try to jog up his passion for the moon. Enter the cinema again and approach Johnny and River and interact with Johnny to continue the cutscenes.

At the highschool, head for the Atrium and watch Dr. Watts... well be himself. After this you get to see more cutscenes before giving up.