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To the Moon Walkthrough Act 2

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In the morning after the sun rises, head back into the house and enter the kitchen to find Dr. Watts on the telephone.

After speaking to Dr. Watts, leave the kitchen and to the study. You'll find Lily here and she'll leave the room soon after speaking to her children.

Follow her outside and wait for her to sit on the chair at the dining room. Ask her all the available questions, then leave and she'll tell you something about Johnny.

Head back into the kitchen after speaking to Lily and Dr. Watts will be off of the phone now. Speak to him and he'll tell you why you can't access Johnny's earlier memories.

Follow him outside the kitchen and he'll rush back inside with a brialliant idea.

Run all the way back to your car and examine the dead squirrel. Eva will tell you to get some containers from the car, interact with the car to get them. Now interact with the dead squirrel again and head back to the house.