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To the Moon Walkthrough Memory 7

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There's no memory link near the lighthouse, so go down south and you'll get the first one as soon as you enter into the next area.

Continue walking south and you'll see Johnny and River walking towards the lighthouse. Pass through them and by that I mean walk through them to get 1 memory link from each one of them.

Keep walking down south and enter into the next area, which is the same place as where you crashed your car in the real world. You'll get two more memory links after entering the roadside.

Now that you have all the memory links. Head over to the right side near the road and you'll find an origami rabbit. It's the memento, so place all the memory links on it, the prepare it.

Press the green and orange button on the left side of the puzzle, then press the diagonal button and finally press the blue and orange buttons on the bottom of the puzzle.