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To the Moon Walkthrough Memory 4

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At this point you can choose to either go with Dr. Watts or search for your own clues. I would say you should search yourself, just to immerse yourself more in the story.

The first memory link is on the bed, a book of The Emperor's New Clothes. It gives two memory links.

Leave the room and head downstairs. Examine both the stove and the pickled olives on top of the table at the left side of the room.

Interact with the man that's right behind the piano to start another cutscene and also get your last memory link.

Go back upstairs and use the memory links on the violet flower that's sitting right beside the piano that Johnny is using.

Press the diagonal button., then the bottom blue button, the green button on the left and finally the orange button also on the left. Then activate the memento and move onto the next memory.