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To the Moon Walkthrough Memory 5

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After reuniting with Dr. Watts, head down past the rope line and towards where the house is.

Read the dialogues, then head over to where Isabelle is and examine the musicbox that she laid down on the ground. The olive jar beside her is the memento for this memory.

On the right side of the area is a large black pick-up. Head over there and walk through it/examine it to get another memory link.

Head for the house door and enter through it to get another memory. You don't need to anything, just walk through the door.

Go back to the cliff overlooking the lighthouse and you'll get two more memory links after passing through the wooden bridge. Now go back to the olive jar and prepare it.

First press the green button on the left side, then press the purple button which is also on the left side. Finally press the diagonal button on the left hand corner of the puzzle. After solving it, hop to the next memory.