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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Hard 4

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This is Creepy Castle, Hard 4. You have 4 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 5 Bridges, 1 Telewarp, and unlimited Brick Switches.

Climb most of the way down the ladder on your right. You want to be 1 move from the bottom of it. Build a Bridge to the right. This bridge should end up being above the ground level.

Climb up the left ladder and use Brick Switch on the bricks.

Climb down the ladder and go up the right ladder. Use Brick Switch again on the bricks.

Repeat this step one more time. Brick Switch should now put the bricks onto your bridge.

Get just to the right of the bricks and use Brick Switch on them. Now you should have two sets of bricks next to each other.

Get to the right of these Bricks.

Use Brick Switch on both of them, throwing them into the lava below.

Drop off the right ledge, landing on some bricks you tossed down. Build a Bridge to the right of them.

Grab egg #1 to the right of your bridge.

Climb up the ladders on your right. Avoid the ghost at the top of them. Use Brick Switch on the brick to trap the ghost.

Grab egg #2.

Go back down the ladders. To the right of the second ladder there will be a lava pit. Build two Bridges over it.

Build a Bridge over the egg, then drop down to the right.

Grab egg #3.

Telewarp up onto the bridge above you.

Head over to the left and grab egg #4 in the pit.