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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Hard 1

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This is Creepy Castle, Hard 1. You have 7 eggs to collect. The available items to you are 2 Bridges, 2 Ghost Traps, and unlimited Brick Switches.

Use Brick Switch on the bricks to your right.

Collect egg #1 on your right.

Go up the ladder to your left and use Brick Switch on the bricks.

Build a Bridge to the right of the ladder.

Grab egg #2 on your left.

Drop down the left ledges.

To the right of the wood floor, place a Ghost Trap.

Drop off to the right, then go up the ladder.

Go down the ladder to your right. Grab egg #3.

Go up four sets of ladders. Grab egg #4 at the top.

Go partway down the ladder. Place a Ghost Trap to the right of the wood platform.

Grab egg #5 when the ghost moves left.

Get to the right of the trap. When the ghost falls through it, build a Bridge over the hole left behind.

Grab egg #6 on your left.

When you hear the Ghost fall through the trap, drop down to your left.

Keep dropping down. Grab egg #7 at the bottom.