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Toki Tori Walkthrough Forest Falls - Hard 5

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This is Forest Falls, Hard 5. You have 8 eggs to collect. The items available are 3 Bridges, 2 Telewarps, and unlimited Freeze-O-Matics.

Go down the ladder on your left and build a Bridge over the waterfall.

Grab egg #1 to your right, when the porcupine is walking rightward.

Drop down the left ledge.

Go to the right of this platform. Build a Bridge off the right side of it.

Quickly get back to one of the ladders on your left. Go partway up or down them and wait for the porcupine to pass to your right.

When the porcupine gets on the platform to the right of your bridge, shoot it with your Freeze-O-Matic.

Get on the ice cube and build a Bridge to the right of it.

Telewarp up to the bridge above you.

Grab egg #2 to your left.

Drop to the left and go back to the right. Get halfway off the far-right ledge and Telewarp up to egg #3.

Then drop down to egg #4.

Go left to get to egg #5.

Then go left and up a small ladder to reach egg #6.

Climb up the ladder and grab egg #7 on your left.

Climb up three ladders to reach egg #8.