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Toki Tori Walkthrough Creepy Castle - Hard 5

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This is Creepy Castle, Hard 5. You have 6 eggs to collect. The items available to you are 1 Bridge, 4 Telewarps, and 5 Brick Switches.

Climb down the ladder.

Then go down the ladder on your left. Grab egg #1 here.

Go back up the ladder and head over the tiny gaps on the right. Use Brick Switch on the brick.

You'll come to another set of bricks on your right. Use a Telewarp to get past them.

Climb the far-right ladder and get egg #2 at the top.

Go back down the ladder and drop down the gap on your left. You'll land on two sets of bricks.

Go as far right as you can, without falling in the lava. Build a Bridge to the right.

Use Brick Switch on the brick to your left.

Walk over the brick to get to the right side of it. Use Brick Switch on it again to get it in the lava.

Get halfway off the right edge of this platform. Use a Telewarp to get to the platform above you.

Get to the wall on your right. Telewarp to the platform below.

Use Brick Switch on the bricks to throw them down in the lava.

Grab egg #3 on your right.

Drop down to your left, then grab egg #4 on your right.

Get to the far left of the bricks in the lava. Use a Telewarp to get on the bridge above.

Use a Brick Switch on the bricks to your left.

Grab egg #5 on your left.

Drop down to the left and grab egg #6 to the left.