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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Hard 7

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This is Slimy Sewers, Hard 7. You have 6 eggs to collect. 1 Bridge and 1 Instant Rock are available.

Grab egg #1 on your right.

From the very right, build a Bridge to your left.

Get on left side of the platform you started on. When the lower slug starts moving right, drop to your left. Collect egg #2 on your way.

Wait at the base of the ladder, facing right. Drop an Instant Rock when the first slug gets about two spaces away.

Quickly climb up the ladder. The slug should get stuck at the base of the ladder.

Climb down the ladder, without touching the slug. Grab egg #3 on your left.

Climb up the ladder and grab egg #4.

Climb up the ladder on your left. Grab egg #5 and drop to your right twice.

When the slug passes under you, drop to the left, then quickly go to the right.

Climb the ladder and grab egg #6.