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Toki Tori Walkthrough Slimy Sewers - Hard 4

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This is Slimy Sewers, Hard 4. You have 7 eggs to collect. The items available are 2 Bridges, 1 Telewarp, 2 Brick Switch, and 3 Instant Rocks.

Build a bridge to your right.

Go over your bridge and grab egg #1.

Drop down the left ledge when the slugs are over to the left.

Get to the right of the bricks on your right. Use Brick Switch on them.

Go down the ladder, then left past the other ladders.

Drop down the ledges to your left.

Grab egg #2 on your left.

Drop an Instant Rock on your right.

Grab egg #3 to your right.

Climb the ladder on your right partway, then head right to get egg #4.

Climb up three ladders. Get on the little step to your right. Drop an Instant Rock onto the platform to your right.

Get on the rock and build a Bridge rightward.

Climb up the ladder to your right. Head left to get egg #5.

Go to the left ledge. Drop an Instant Rock to trap the slugs on the right side. Drop onto the rock.

Go left and grab egg #6.

Use Brick Switch on the bricks.

Go to the far left and Telewarp downward.

Drop down the left gaps to get to egg #7.