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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Grimlock Smash

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When u walk on to the ruble u will fall down.

Knock down the pole to make yourself a bridge.

This new time of enemy is simple to defeate. Just wait for it to start charging you and then jump out of the way so it hits a wall behind you, then just attck it while its confused.

Transform into a T-Rex and kill the enemies that come out.

Come close to Slug so he can lift you up.

Drop the pole so u can get to the outherside.

Wait for the acid to stop pouring and then jump over.

Destroy the first terminal and a door will start opening and closing. Throw the energy canister at the right time so it can go threw the door and hit the second terminal to proceed.

Drop the ople so Slug can move forward.

Flying enemies will start coming at this point. U can throw energy canisters at them.

Come close so Slug can help you up.

Destroy the first terminal and run to the right. Pick up the canister and then quickly throw it threw the door to destroy the second terminal.

Destroy the generator in the dino form.

Fight the waves of attacking enemies.

Wait for the dino form and then transform so u can destory the generators.

Activate the terminal in the center.

Go to the same terminal where u lifted the blastdoors.

With Swoop fly above or below the cables. Alternativly u can shoot them.

Destroy the gunship to proceed.

Throw the canister at the terminal to bring down the shields.

U have to destroy both the terminals but enemies will attack you . Be carfull to not fall of the edge because enemies can push you over.

Come close to Shockwave.

Transform and attack Shockwave.

Run before the entire bridge colapses.