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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Till All Are One

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Use Rumble to break down the door.

Use the towcable to get to the autobots ship.

Wait for Laserbeak to finish wealding while u defend him from attacking enemies.

Use Rumble to break the door.

Pull the three levers and shoot the explosiv ammo to destroy the AA guns.

Shoot of the protectiv cover of the cable and find the weak point that will be red.

Destroy the main pipe lines with Bruticus.

Wait for Bruticuses shields to come down so u can graple him and shoot him in the head.

Pull Bruticuses leg so he falls down.

After he falls isue and airstrike on him.

Choose to play as Megatron or Optimus.

Spam the left mouse button.

Keep preasing the left mouse button to keep beating up Megatrn.

Click the left mouse button over and over to defeate Megatron.