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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Walkthrough Starscreams's Betrayel

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Folow the Desepticon.

Turn of the cloak and kill the remaining desepticon.

Stealth kill the desepticon at the terminal.

You have to go to every terminal and destroy them. The one in front and on the right u can get to simply by walking on the platforms when u get close to the indicators. On the left u will have to get threw the roof.

When u blow all the terminals go to the last one and blow everything up.

Transform and run away.

Watchout for the eletricity beams they will hurt you.

Break threw the door with your giant sword.

Destroy the terminal.

Use your shield to break this door.

Pick up the energy canister and throw it at the control panel.

Use the canisters to destroy the sniper enemies that appear. Also enemies come from the sides.

Destroy the terminal and the one on your left.

Get close to the panel and use it.

Destroy Hardshell by throwing canisters at it. But be sure to use your shield, enemies come from sides and Hardshell shoots you.

Grab hardshell and smash him into the panel to open the door.

When Swoop counts to three attack the terminal.