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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Hold on, Kiddo (CHAPTER 2)

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First, talk to Damien Brenks on the phone down by the river. After talking to him, it looks like your sister is being held hostage.

Damien is a total jerk! Anyway, race to Nicky's house.

Once there, rush in to confront Damien. He's using you to get the information he wants.

Now run outside and get to the train station close by. When the train pulls up, you see a bunch of thugs outside. Quickly hack the train so it takes off without them. Now you need to take out those thugs.

Use the blockers and traffic lights in the area. Be careful, because more cronies will show up if you aren't fast enough.

Once the area is clear of Fixers, drive to the next L station to catch up with Jackson at the Paulson station.

Get there and get on the train to talk to Jackson and to end the mission.