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Watch Dogs Walkthrough One Foot in the Grave (Chapter 2)

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Meet Clara down by Abott Island, she's a bit afraid of you. Search for access to the bridge by using your phone. Once you scan the box right by the water, you'll see some security footage of Tobias Frewer, a man you now will search for.

Follow Clara, and she'll take you to Tobias's workplace. Use your phone to find a homeless man making a call, and hack into it.

Listen in and learn that Tobias is off playing Poker. You'll also learn that there are a group of men trying to kill Tobias. Let's go stop those men.

Hop into a car and start off after the van you need to take out. Take it out in whatever means you see fit. If you get noticed, The Club's men will show up to attack you as well.

Eventually, you will kill the driver of the van and will need to escape the search zone of The Club. Drive, run, or hide until the coast is clear.

Once the killer is dead, make your way over to the poker game out in the suburbs.

It's in the back yard of a house, down some stairs surrounded by friendlies. The garage is marked with an Ace of Hearts.

Head downstairs and sit down at the table to play.

Get dealt cards, then place a bet. After this, you'll ask Tobias about his employment history, and he'll freak out.

Chase after him but DO NOT KILL HIM. Get close enough so that you can beat him up. Keep your eye out for pipes that you can burst to slow Tobias down.

Talk with him now that you've caught up with him, and he'll turn out to be a pretty cool dude. You now have access to Tobias's Shop, which sells pre-made tools like Jam Comms and Blackouts.