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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Jury-Rigged (Chapter 2)

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To get to this mission, you must first clear out the Communications Center in The Wards. Head over to a big courtyard by three massive apartment buildings in various states of disrepair. This part is tricky because it relies so heavily on stealth, so get ready. First, get to the front of the courtyard by where the police barricades are set up

Hide behind the concrete block right in front of you. Wait until there is only one man by the box area, then throw a Lure out to distract him. As he walks away, sneak in behind him and hack into the box.

Great, first one done. IMMEDIATELY turn around and head back out the way you came in until you're back on the street.

Two more, so let's go all the way around the right side of the buildings. You'll find some sandbags and a forklift, so climb up here and hop back over the fence.

Move forward until you are at the corner of the building to your left with the courtyard ahead of you. There may be a guard here, so take him out if he gets too close.

Now head to the left, making your way to the second box. Keep hiding behind the pipes and concrete barriers until you reach the box.

There shouldn't be anyone around to mess with you, so hack into it. Two down!

The last one is fairly easy. Head back the way you came until you get to the far building in the back of the lot. Walk under all of the scaffolding, taking cover to avoid detection from the snipers in the middle of the courtyard.

Again, once you get close to the box there shouldn't be anyone around to mess with you. Hack into the third box now. Great!

With that done, make your way back to that forklift you climbed up to get over the fence.

Instead of leaving the area, there's one more box to break into. It's in a small building in a parking lot.

There should be nobody around to mess with you, so simply walk into the building and hack into the system.

With that done, leave the area. If you haven't been seen, this should be very easy. Let's go meet Clara back at The Bunker!