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Watch Dogs Walkthrough A Blank Spot There-ish (Chapter 2)

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First, get back to Abott Island where you met up with Clara previously. Hack the bridge, then walk across it to the island. Once there, you need to power up three generators, so let's go for the one directly ahead of us first.

Run forward and you'll find an Audio Log on the ground outside of the last building in line.

Now you need to get to the roof of this building, so go to the one next to it. Hack a lift on the side, then scale the shipping containers to reach the roof.

Once up top, hack a camera behind the locked gate.

From here, hack a second camera, then you'll have access to hack the box keeping the gate locked.

Once through the gate, hack the box that will explode to create a hole in the fence that you can walk to the next building.

Once over here, go through the unlocked door and turn on the first generator.

Use the lift up here to get back down to the ground quickly. Now off to the second one.

Rush over to the other shipping containers, and find one you can control. Bring it down so that you can get in it, then hack it again to bring you back up. Once through, climb the blue container to your left, then climb the others until you're on the roof.

There's a locked gate, so hack the camera on the other side of the fence.

Then hack the box to unlock the gate.

Go through the fenced area, then over to a lift.

Lower it and you'll have access to the second generator.

Turn it on, then climb the shipping containers. Drop down on the other side right by an audio log for collecting.

Now on to the last generator. You need to open the fence, so hack the camera you can see here.

Lower the container, then hack the camera hiding behind it.

From here, hack a third camera, then raise the container again. Hack the box to open the gate now.

Ok, time to get onto another roof. Climb up onto a moveable shipping container, then move it across the gap.

From here, climb forward along the other containers to get to the roof. Once up, open the gate and turn on the generator.

Head back over by where the second generator was. Find a red shipping container marked "Blume."

Go inside and the container will start moving. Once done, open the door again, and you're in some kind of underground lab thing.

Go over to the computer in the middle of the room to turn it on. No power. Talk to Clara for a second, and loot the room.

Now, head up the stairs into a room to find the circuit breaker. Turn the power to the Bunker back on. You're done!