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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Not a Job for Tyrone (Chapter 2)

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Get to the mission start in The Wards. Once started, intrude into the ctOS box by Bedbug's house. Once hacked in, watch as Bedbug, aka Tyrone, talks to his grandmother.

He heads out, so tail him. Stay close, but not too close, then get into the car at the end of the street.

Follow Bedbug's car, making sure to not get too close.

After turning the corner and going down a long street, the car will stop by a group of thugs.

Do NOT follow the car down here, as you will get immediately shot up and fail the mission.

Instead, go to the left and down the street a block away. Keep your eyes on the car so as to not lose it. Eventually, the car will pull out of the restricted area, so keep following.

Now the car will stop at the second restricted area, but Bedbug will get out. Hop out of your car as well. Hack into a camera and follow Bedbug through the alley. There are plenty of cameras to keep him in focus, so keep jumping between them.

After Bedbug talks to his men, he'll talk to a guy named Rabbit.

When things start getting heated, blow up the pipe behind Bedbug.

Now train the camera on Rabbit. Hack into his phone and call him. Use the cameras to help direct Rabbit out of the area without being seen. If he is, he will be shot and killed, but that isn't the end of the world.

Hack into his phone to listen to some audio. Once you've hacked Rabbit's phone, it's time to bounce. Run out of the area without being seen, and you're in the clear!