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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Stare into the Abyss (Chapter 2)

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To start this mission, the ctOS Communications Center in Mad Mile needs to be brought down. Head down to the Navy Pier to clear it out.

With that done, you'll have a quick call with Yolanda, the woman looking out for your nephew. Now it's time to get real.

Find the car dealership that Crispin is going to for a ride. Hack the ctOS box on the side of the building to get access to the security cameras. There are a few ways to do this mission, but here's what I find is the easiest. Do a scan of the thugs in the

Take out Crispin before he can even get into that purple car in the middle of the room.

Once Crispin dies, he'll drop his phone. Hack it to get his schedule, then run off to the "Underground club" Crispin was headed to.

Walk down the stairs in a back alley in The Loop to enter Infinite 92.

Make sure to shake the tail of the gangsters who are chasing after you.

Follow the man showing you to your room, then have a lovely chat with Poppy, the woman waiting for you.

Once you have your tickets, simply walk back out of the club.

There should be that purple car waiting for you, so get in and drive off.