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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Planting a Bug (Chapter 2)

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Get to the Dragon Unicorn Bar in The Wards. Walk to the back and put something in the garbage to start the mission.

Now, go meet up with Bedbug. Drive to the same complex you infiltrated in Jury-Rigged.

Use the forklift to jump over the fence.

Get to the back and either blow away any guy in the parking lot, or sneak past them all, the choice is yours.

Once you get into that tiny room with the broken ATMs, you'll contact Bedbug.

Alright, so now you're watching Bedbug inside the apartment.

Guide him to Iraq's secret server room. When the first guard walks down the hallway, have Bedbug shoot past through the door and to the end of the hallway. Jump cameras to the laptop, then into the next room.

Have Bedbug hide behind the broken half-wall in the new room.

When the guard starts walking towards the huge hole in the wall, have Bedbug sneak past him and hide behind a table.

Go into the next room with the cameras, and use a cell phone to distract the guard. Sneak behind the desk the guard is leaning against.

You're almost in the clear now. Move down the hallway now, and have Bedbug follow you.

Wait until the guard in this new room walks away, then have Bedbug hide behind the wall.

Distract the guard here with another cell phone, then have Bedbug shoot past him to the last locked door. Perfect.

Bedbug will open up this door, so hack into the camera on him.

Hack open the next door for him, and Bedbug will go through. Now jump to a camera in the room and Intrude on the ctOS box in here.

Solve the puzzles, there are two of them, then hack open the door with the camera you now control.

Bedbug will go in the room and try to hack into the server, but will get caught.

Oh no, Bedbug. :(

Time to take care of yourself though! Get out of there!

Run! Well, don't run, but get into a car and drive!

Once you've managed to escape, Clara tells you that you got enough information to make your next move. That's good.

The mission ends, and who should call but Bedbug! He's still alive! Yay!