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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Way Off the Grid (Chapter 2)

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First, get to The Bunker.

Clara is there and she seems upset. Looks like there's a guy who's a total genius who can help. Only problem is nobody has seen the dude for over a year.

Let's go back to his last known location.

Go to The Wards now to track Ray Kenney.

When you show up, the area is a restricted zone.

Take out all of the Fixers in the area, there should be 4 or 5 of them.

Once all clear, find a computer in the abandoned building and use it.

Defend the area while the information is being retrieved.

Find a grenade launcher to take out multiple enemies at a time easily.

Keep shooting and killing until everyone is dead and the upload is finished.

Once all Fixers are dead, go grab the hard drive from the computer.

Looks like a fixer is still left and he makes a break for it in a FIRE TRUCK.

Get into a car and give chase.

You'll end up on the highway going the wrong direction, so be ready to use your fancy driving skills.

Chase after the fire truck until it ends up driving over a steam pipe or the timing is right for an intersection crash. Once the truck has been taken down, make sure the Fixer behind the wheel is taken care of as well.

Once the Fixer is dead, you've successfully managed to beat Chapter 2.