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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Hope is a Sad Thing (CHAPTER 3)

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To start this mission, you must first take down the CtOS Communications Center in Pawnee. With the Control Tower taken down, now it's time to move on to the mission.

Get to the other side of the lake, and you'll find a small town.

Start the mission here.

Then hack into the computer in a house across the street from the mission start point.

You get locked out, so cruise the dock area to try and find someone with the new password. Try looking under the main dock with the gazebo on it.

Once you get the proper password, go back to that computer you hacked, and hack it again.

Once that's done, go and hack into a ctOS tower. This is strange, it's like an abandoned Control Center.

There'a an antenna in the middle of the area that you will need to interact with multiple times, so be ready for that.

The door is locked, so we have to find a way to unlock it.

First, use the cameras on the dishes to find the box to unlock the front door. If the bridge between the two dishes at the front is connected, make sure they are apart to get a view of the box.

Once inside the compound, go down the stairs into an underground tunnel.

There's a locked door here, and it's right where you need to go.

Hack into the camera behind the locked door, and find a box to hack.

This will unlock a door, but not the one directly in front of you. This will help you out a ton in a few minutes.

Go back up to the outside and move to the farthest dish.

Climb up the stairs, then activate the antenna so that the moving platform takes you over to the fenced off area by a locked door.

Use the cameras in the compound to view the top of the building by the locked door. The box to hack that will unlock the door is on top of this building.

With this door unlocked, go down the second set of stairs and through the door. Once through, climb up the ladder and stairs until you are on one of the front dishes. Make the antenna work so that the bridge is connected, cross it, then activate the antenna again. Activate the lift on the ground, and hop on it.

Take it down and go down into a second underground tunnel.

Focus on the box that will cause an explosion, and blow it.

Go through the gate you just blew up.

Then find a box to unlock a door right by the tunnel exit.

Unlock the box, then head into the first underground tunnel you went into. With the door open here, go through and access the ctOS tower.

Listen in on the intercepted recording. Now that you know where to go next, head back to town.

The bar you're looking for is across the street from that marina computer you hacked at the beginning of the mission.

Go in and talk to Ray Kenney.

You'll have to do a drinking minigame, so make the cursor go over the button icons, and press them in time.

Once you go through all levels, you'll get into a bit of a scuffle and wake up at Ray's compound.

Follow Ray, aka T-Bone Grady, and he'll show off his traps.

Looks like he needs you to get a van back, so pick up the Sniper Rifle he gives you, then head back towards town.

Get to the camp that's holding Ray's van, and wait outside by a wooden entrance gate.

There are probably clean ways to do this, but the easiest way I found...

...was to take out the one guy standing by the van with the sniper rifle.

Then simply run in, hop into the van, and drive away.

Chase off the ensuing thugs now, making your way back to Ray.

He has a trap up here that you can unleash on the guys when they come after you. Once you get back to Ray's place, you will have to take out all of the militia members.

Or you can just escape!

Once gone, you're done!