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Watch Dogs Walkthrough The Future is in Blume (Chapter 3)

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Get to the mission start point down the road from the Blume headquarters.

After starting the mission, drive up the road.

You'll get to the building's parking lot. Once there, hop out of the car. This mission can not be done entirely using cameras, which is a shame, but alas. That doesn't mean that we can't still use the cameras!

Start by going to the left of the main entry gate.

Hack into the camera here, then wait to hack into the camera on the guard walking around.

Once here, wait until you have a good view of the box to unlock a door. Hack into it to unlock the door around the left corner of the main gate.

Once the door is unlocked, go through and take cover. Move past the front gate, then cut into the middle.

Take cover so nobody will see you, you should be pretty much straight back from the main gates, looking at the console. Throw a Lure off and away from the area, then set it off. When nobody is looking, quickly move in and use the console.

Once that has been accessed, you need to go inspect the ctOS box inside of a building.

When you profile it with your phone, you will notice you need to hack two other boxes to get this one powered up. You should be safe inside this room for now, so peek out and find a camera to hack. You see that office up on the second floor by a few guards? We need to get over there.

Get to the camera above the office. You'll find an Audio Log down here, so hack that if you want.

With that done, use the phone in here to attract a guard. The guard right outside has a camera on him, so jump to that camera as he walks into the room. Quickly find the box in a corner and hack it. One done, now the harder one. This one is on the opposite side of the complex, and a little trickier. Get so that you're hacked into a security camera up above this alley to the left of the main gate. Use the shutters to start luring the security guard with a camera out of his spot, then hop into his camera. Once he's moving, use the phone on the ground to attract him over to the open gate door. Once in view of the hackable box, you know what to do.

With both of those boxes hacked, let's go back to that one we had to profile with our phones. Go over to it and you'll have to solve the two hacking puzzles. With those done, hack into the server in front of you to implant the spyware. Looks like someone we know is paying Blume a visit. Wait until a guard shows up, then hack his camera.

He'll walk down a hallway, so hack a camera in the conference room he passes by to get in on what's going on.

"That doesn't look good, but let's take care of ourselves first.

"Once back to you, you need to get out of the Blume compound.

Sneak your way out the way you came in.

Keep going to the left of the complex to find a dirt bike. Hop on to start the next mission.