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Watch Dogs Walkthrough A Pit of Paranoia (Chapter 3)

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First, drive to one of the most northern parts of the map, a camp site all the way out in Pawnee.

Once there, chase after a helicopter that shows up, it's a Blume chopper that carries important info.

It will take you to a trailer park in Pawnee that's overrun with militia members.

Hack into the helicopter to get access to the on-board camera.

You need to find two of the Blume heads of security. One is out back behind the red trailer, and the other is by the front in between two trailers.

Once you've located them, you need to take them out.

There are plenty of opportunities to do that given how many alarms can be triggered and how many boxes there are to blow up.

"Alternatively, you can always go in guns blazing, or hang outside and line up some headshots with your sniper. The choice is yours!

Be sure to take out BOTH of the security chiefs. Triggering the alarm will cause them to drive off in cars, so it's best to at least try to not raise any alarms, especially if you haven't killed either of them yet.

Once the last chief is gone, you need to hack into his phone to get his Blume ID.

Once you've hacked his phone, it's time to RUUUUUUN!!! Or fight, if that's more your style.

Either way, get the guys off your tail, and you're good to go.