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Watch Dogs Walkthrough By Any Means (Chapter 3)

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Get to the Rossi-Fremont, the apartment complex owned by Iraq as seen in Jury-Rigged and Planting a Bug.

To start, go around to the side of the complex, hop over some bags and a forklift's load, then come in to the building from the side.

Nobody should even notice you.

You'll get to the locked front door.

And Clara will launch a Blackout. The front doors burst open, so charge on through.

"Once through the second set of doors, immediately take cover.

There are two men on the floor above you and two more come out of the elevator.

Blow up the men by the elevator with the exploding box on the wall, then sneak into the elevator and go up.

Once out, again immediately take cover. There are several enemies up here, so don't try to be sneaky, come out with guns blazing.

There's an Audio Log on the same floor you come out of the elevator at. Once the area is clear, move up the ramp made of rubble, and continue down the hallway.

A few more men show up once you go up the floor, so take them out and go past a gate and through an open door.

You're now in a room that's falling apart.

Find the audio log in the room here, then unlock the door by hacking the CtOS box. Keep moving forward.

Now you're back in that arcade room.

There is an Elite guy in here, so stay back and use the cameras to try and blow him up. If that doesn't work, hang back and pump some rounds into him until he drops.

Take out the two or three other men in the room now, loot the room.

Then climb the ladder up to the next floor.

Take cover behind the half wall, there should be men behind the table here.

Once they are dead, duck out into the hallway, then go back into the room. This will spawn the next round of enemies. Watch out for this hallway, it's filled with dangerous men.

Use the camera right outside the door to try and take out a few men before they become an immediate threat.

When the coast is clear-ish, head out and move carefully. Use a shotgun or other one-shot type weapon so you can get a jump on any thugs in the hallways. Move into the next room and find an audio log.

Then climb two ladders in a row.

Now that you are up on Iraq's floor, use the cameras to disrupt comms and trigger explosives. That should easily clear this room.

Move down the hallway, and another man will spawn, coming for you. Once the room and hallway are clear, you should be safe to just go for the server room.

Unlock the doors in front of you (three total).

And move into Iraq's server room.

Once in, hack into the server. Clara receives all of the information, so now it's time to get out.

Head back out the way you came in.

And you'll run into Iraq.

After the cutscene, run outside and drop down onto the exposed floor of the building. Time for a boss fight.

Set up a few of the IEDs you find out here in different places around the area.

Three men will spawn, so have the auto shotgun out. A few quick shots off, and those three should drop fast. Now for the hard part.

The Enforcer cannot be taken down with the Enforcer Take Down so you need to prepare yourself. Now wait until the Enforcer shows. Move from cover to cover, using the grenade launcher helps immensely. Try to guide the Enforcer over to where your bombs are, so you can chip away at his health with these. After a very short time with the Enforcer, Iraq himself will show up.

If you still haven't killed the Enforcer when Iraq shows up, stop attacking the Enforcer to kill off Iraq. He is much weaker, and the fight is easier without him shooting at you.

Eventually, between the explosions and the bullets, he should fall. With Iraq finally gone, go to leave the apartment. You'll warp to back outside.

Walk off the lot, there's nobody out here, and you're done with Chapter 3. On to Chapter 4 now!