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Watch Dogs Walkthrough In Plain Sight (Chapter 4)

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"Stocking up on Jam Comms and Blackouts will help immensely when completing this mission.

He's playing hardball, and throws your face up on every screen nearby. This causes the civilians around you to take notice.

Use either a Jam Comms or a Blackout to stop anyone from immediately calling the police, then hop in a car.

You'll find the van responsible for the transmission of your face, so chase him down.

"Once you've taken down the van, kill the driver if he isn't already dead. You had better watch your mini-map though, as those yellow circles are filling in faster and faster, signalling the arrival of the police.

Unless you manage to be an absolute wiz with Jam Comms, you will probably end with the police chasing after you. Make sure you lose them, then you're done.