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Watch Dogs Walkthrough The Rat's Liar (Chapter 4)

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First, get to the start point in The Loop.

Take out your phone's profiler, then find an access point.

There's a ctOS box you can hack by the tunnel exit.

Hack in and solve the puzzles to get access to Defalt's camera.

You'll see T-Bone in the room.

He'll hide and escape as authorities break in.

Now it's time to help T-Bone avoid the Fixers. Head up the stairs out of the tunnel, and hack into the camera up here.

Use the cameras to either help T-Bone escape secretly, or use the cameras to start blowing up enemies, depending on your approach.

If you chose the stealth route, direct T-Bone to you under the tunnel. If you go in guns blazing, then kill all of the Fixers in the immediate area.

Once you're out of this area, T-Bone will drive off. Defalt becomes aware of you, and sends more fixers after you. Run from them, but this one will be harder to escape, as Defalt can now blow steam pipes, change lights, and other interfering things.

Once you escape or kill off this round of fixers, you're done.