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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Ghosts of the Past (Chapter 4)

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Start by going to the mission start marker in Parker Square. You'll get Nicky and Jackson into your car and you need to get them out of town.

The catch though, is that the police are looking for you. You need to avoid all detection while still getting outside of the search radius.

"Drive forward, then make a quick left then right to get to another long, straight road. Drive down here almost all the way to the end, then take a left. Go over the train tracks and go straight until you get to a grocery store. Take a right down this road and take it all the way to the end where you'll do another quick left then right. Go straight down this road and you'll find a dirt path on your left.

Now drive off to Pawnee and to the final marker to drop Nicky and Jackson off. They'll make an exit from Chicago.

And you'll get a very important phone call from T-Bone.

With that, you're done.