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Watch Dogs Walkthrough No Turning Back (Chapter 4)

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Start in the park outside of the Merlaut Hotel, the same place you were caught at during the opening. Once you've started the mission, run to the hotel.

Find a small building out front by a news van and head over to it.

Hack into the ctOS box here to get access to a video feed from inside the hotel.

After the mayor is done talking, jump to the camera above the stage, then to a camera above and behind the crowd, and one more further away. Hack the ctOS box here to get another camera feed from where the mayor walked off to.

Listen to the Mayor talk to Lucky now. Sounds like things aren't so great between the two.

Hack into the camera on the wall, then move all the way over to see another camera in a meeting room.

Hack into that to find an intrusion point.

Solve the puzzle, then hack into the security here.

The guards get alerted, so jump to the camera on the man in front of the console.

He'll walk out into the hotel.

When you have a good view of a camera, jump on it. You're in a room where there's a stage being set up.

Cause as much panic as you can now. Blow up transformers, hack explosives, disrupt comms, all that fun stuff. Once you've caused enough hell, back out of the cameras.

Now's the time for action. Sneak into the front doors of the hotel.

Hide behind the planters out front until you know it's safe. Head to the right, behind the front desk, and through the room with the stage.

Kill all the guards if neccesery.

Get over to by that security room, and call for the elevator to show up. Be ready, and beat down the guard in the elevator. Hop in and tell the elevator to go up.

Once up top, you get surrounded. This doesn't look good. Wait until your Focus kicks in, then beat down the thugs holding you back.

Shoot the guard from across the room as well. Now's the time to fight. Open the door the guard was standing next to, but don't go rushing through.

Hack the camera up here. There's tons of ways to disrupt the enemies out here.

Blow up transformers, trigger grenades, if you hack the camera by the sniper on the right, there's a plate that you can blow up to take him out easily.

The enemy forces here have a ton of grenades too, and they all have AMAZING aim.

Be sure to always have an easy escape route for this wave of enemies, and use the interior of the hotel for cover if needed.

It is also VERY helpful to have the helicopter takedown hack unlocked, as you might get a visit from one or two of them. Keep your eyes out for red lasers, and avoid them at all costs.

Once you've made your way up the stairs to the right outside, you'll see an open door. Run in to lose the enemies for now.

Go through another set of doors until you are in Quinn's office.

Go behind the desk to find some controls to hack. Hack them, and a panel will open up on the side of the office.

Lucky will talk with you about whatever that old men talk about. When prompted, take out your phone and hack his Pacemaker. Things aren't looking so good for the old man. Wow, that's quite a secret the old man is sitting on.

Once the cutscene is over, hack into his pacemaker again. So long, old man.

Once done, download the video from the computer behind Quinn.

Now quickly run out the door with the exit sign. It's time to JET.

For an easy escape, just run off the roof, don't bother taking the lift down. It's too slow! Once down on the ground, use a Blackout.

There should be a car right here. Hop into it and drive off to the south.

Get to the water's edge, then hop into a boat. Now drive away into the lake. Perfect!

There's still more to do though, so drive up to the St. Joseph's Cemetary in Parker Square.

Rush in to find Clara laying some flowers at Lena's grave. Things do not go well for Clara here.

The game will go into Focus mode, so try to pull off as many headshots as you can.

"Clear out the rest of the Fixers now, then go up to Clara. Now the mission is done.