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Watch Dogs Walkthrough Little Sister (Chapter 4)

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This mission is pretty far outside of town, in the southern part of Brandon Docks.

First, run forward into the warehouse.

There should be a Racine delivery truck back here.

Hack into the console.

Then from the camera you now control,

jump to the laptop.

Blow up the bow here to take out the guard.

Then hack the phone to call Nicky.

The door to her room opens and she blows the man who walks in away.

So jump to the laptop that's through the door.

"From here, go up to a camera on the wall. This part can be VERY hard, so I'll do this step-by-step:

"Activate the forklift to distract the first guard out here.

"As the guard is over by the forklift, tell Nicky to move across the bridge and quickly into the red shipping container. Wait until the man by the orange container is looking away, then quick duck into the orange shipping container. Wait until the same guard is now looking at the way you came from, so move back and hide behind wood pallets Open up the garage door here

"Move behind some pipes on the ground, then behind a blue container. Hide behind some wood pallets Have her quickly run into the red car, and she'll drive away

Awesome, now it's time for you to get out. Hop into the delivery van and go forward. You'll get to a jump, so go flying over it to the road. Now it's time to do your escape thing.

Use all the traps at your disposal to escape, and you're done! (Of course, you can always go on foot (as I did) but I realised that's harder).